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RRMS Mobile App

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Designed to limit driver's interaction as it safely navigates from station to station.

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The Driver App provides the user with a visual display of all relevant operational data.

Additional features included:

Bus-Safe Navigation

Clear turn-by-turn audio and visual instructions, utilising in-built bus-safe provisions, increase responsiveness and eliminate disorientation whilst safely guiding the driver to their destination.

Dynamic Off-Route Capabilties

In the event a driver makes a wrong turn, the app will re-route, navigating them back to the correct location via the most direct, bus-safe route.

GPS  & Audit Trails 

Key activities throughout the network are GPS timestamped for auditing and reporting purposes with financial information such as hours & kilometres which are captured for billing purposes.


Paperless Job Management

Direct to App communications improve safety on the road, increase productivity and gives your customers a better experience by providing more accurate, ‘real-time’ ETAs.

Intuitive Interface

A simple user interface allows drivers to concentrate on what matters. The interface displays ETA's in time and distance, clear next street turn banners and directional arrows

Clear Audio Instructions

The audio instructions that the app produces allows drivers to process instructions well in advance of the next maneuver

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