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Technology Projects

We work closely with our clients to deliver vital rail replacement technology solutions.

V/Line Regional Public Transport

Delivery of the RRMS platform

Supporting regional Victoria and V/Line transition into an online streamlined platform to service Planned and Unplanned rail outages.


Inclusive of this upgrade, V/Line stakeholders were provided the ability to: 

  • ​Import timetables and internal data into the Web Portal 

  • Have clear visability of all drivers engaged in occupations

  • Streamline and digitize existing internal processes 


Metro Trains Melbourne (MTM)

Delivery & Upgrade of RRMS platform

The development of the RRMS system represented a fundamental change to the operating practices within MTM and in turn, sub-contracting vehicle providers. We were given significant flexibility to create a system that: 

  • Enhanced visibility of emergency and planned occupations

  • Reduced and/or elminated time theft

  • Integrated with core and supporting existing systems

Rail LinQ provided a solution that could be built upon to further enhance service delivery, reduce system-wide fraud practices and increase compliance with Governement audit obligations to provide a robust verification process and assist Metro in achieving a system that delivered best-practice in transport network management.


Management Projects

Over the past 30 years we have been involved as a management entity for numerous rail related projects across Australia. 

V/Line Rail Replacement

Management for LXRA East 2016

Awarded a three-year contract to provide a turn-key management and operational solution for the provision of rail replacement management services for the V/Line Eastern corridor, operating between Melbourne & Bairnsdale.


These services require the provision of:

  • Scheduling & project management services

  • Coach service

  • On-ground staffing solutions for full and partial line occupations

Peak Vehicle Requirement

+ 250

Line Occupations

1 - 60 days continuous

Trips Completed

+ 50, 000

V/Line Rail Replacement

Muti-Line Rail Management & Operational solution

March - May 2020

Appointed by V/Line to manage multi-line closures throughout Regional Victoria, continuing from our success in delivering pre-planned and emergency rail replacement services across the V/Line network.

Planning and operational delivery of these closures required:


  • Delivery of a complete end-to-end rail replacement management service including planning, service delivery and post-event operations throughout metropolitan & regional Victoria

  • Constant change management across all lines involving complete rescheduling and planning activities due to changing Covid-19 and operational environments

  • Utilising industry-proven scheduling software, supported by the Rail LinQ platform - complete all scheduling tasks including driver shifts, rostering, timetable generation and reporting metrics across 500+ individual driver shifts per day

  • Management of all invoicing, payment and reconciliation activities across all operators

Peak Vehicle Requirement

+ 300

Management of  Staff

40 Operators & 55 daily staff

Change Management 

8 seperate timetables across 45 day period

NSW Train Link Rail Replacement

Muti-Line Rail Management & Operational solution 1994

Since 1994, via our subsidiary company Wangaratta Coachlines, we have delivered planned and emergency rail replacement coach services to support NSW Trainlink between Melbourne & Sydney.


Throughout this time, our organisation has developed a reputation for responsiveness, flexibility and a consistently high standard of service delivery.


As part of our divestiture of services in 2014, we scaled back our involvement in these services however Rail LinQ looks forward to the future where our vehicles and systems will return to supporting these key operations.


We are proud of our history supporting NSW Trainlink.

Peak Vehicle Requirement

1,800 per annum

Line Occupations

1 - 60 days continuous

Subcontractor Network Response

24 hrs, 7 days a week

Gold Coast Commonwealth  Games

Mode Capacity Support 2018

Delivered as part of our role as the Event Transport Management provider for the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games.


Required the development of a comprehensive operational and service delivery strategy to provide planned and emergency support to the rail network throughout the 2018 Commonwealth Games.


With significant network capacity surge associated with the Games, it was identified that a Mode Capacity Support program would increase system preparedness, whilst reducing risk of service failure in the event of network disruption.


A highly complex and evolving project which required a detailed understanding of rail replacement operations and the delivery of a complete end-to-end solution on behalf of the Department of Transport & Main Roads.


Planning finalization and operational delivery were then handed to the Department of Transport & Main Roads for event-time delivery by Kangaroo Bus Lines as the contracted entity for rail replacement services through SE Queensland

Peak Vehicle Requirement

+ 360

Management of  Staff

700 driving/operational staff

Journey Planning

Focus between multi-modal services

Customer Service

160 staff

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